LENSPEN SDK-1-RUS-P gumica za ciscenje monitora tableta

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LENSPEN SDK-1-RUS-P gumica za čisćenje monitora tableta

– Special Carbon Cleaning Compound
– Good for About 150 Cleanings
– Pad is Interchangeable
– Excellent for Removing Fingerprints
– No Need for Separate Brush, Liquid
– Small, Portable


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The Sidekick for Cleaning iPads and Tablets from LensPen helps keep your iPad or tablet free from dust and dirt. Fingerprint removal is a specialty of the Sidekick with its built-in carbon compound that works much the same way as newspaper removes dirt and grime from windows. The Sidekick eliminates the need to carry around a separate brush and fluid since it’s all contained in one small, portable and very handy cleaning tool.

Removing the top from the Sidekick activates the spring-loaded mechanism that exposes the cleaning surface. In addition, opening and closing the Sidekick actually recharges the carbon on the pad and actually extends its life. The Sidekick’s cleaning pad is good for about 150 cleanings and is interchangeable (pads sold separately). Additional cleaning pads come in their own box and are easily replaced in much the same way as you might change a razor blade.

If you use an Apple SmartCover, the Sidekick will be of special value since by cleaning the iPad’s screen, you’ll not only eliminate the oils on the surface but prevent them from collecting on the inside cover of the SmartCover, thereby extending its life.

Cleans fingerprints from iPads, tablets and other touch screens
Uses the patented LensPen carbon cleaning compound that is especially effective on iPad screens
Eliminates the need to carry around messy liquids and dirty cloths
Replaceable cleaning pad – 150 cleanings per pad (Replacement pads sold separately); optional pads are readily switched with a simple twist

Dimensions: 2.0 x 1.0″ (5.1 x 2.5 cm) (approx)