AI Medical 120mm/f4

13.062,50 kn



Focal length/Aperture :120mm f/4 (at 1/11X)
Lens construction: Lens: 9 elements in 6 groups; 2X close-up attachment lens: 2 elements in 1 group
Picture angle: 18 degrees 50' (at 1/11X); Aperture scale: f/4.0 -f/32
Distance scale: Graduated in meters from 1.6m to 0.35m (white numerals for use with lens only) and from 0.33m to 0.26m (orange numerals applicable when 2X close-up attachment lens is attached; sticker-type conversion scale for feet also provided
Flash illumination: Via built-in electronic flash ringlight at front of lens provides wraparound, shadowless illumination, flash can be turned off when not needed.
Flash output power: Approx. 60W
Flash duration: Approx. 1/500sec. at ASA/ISO 25; controlled by thyristors and series circuitry and varies with film speed setting
Ready-light: Provided; red LED on top of lens barrel; reproduction ratio in the viewfinder also serves as ready-light
Diaphragm: Fully automatic; diaphragm linked to focusing ring, so that correct aperture for flash photography is set as the focusing ring is turned
Exposure measurement: With built-in ringlight flash: automatic; guide-number (GN) system automatically sets appropriate aperture as subject distance is set on the focusing ring. Without flash: via stop-down method; meter coupling shoe not provided.

Reproduction ratio: Continuously variable from 1/11X to 1X (lens only) and 0.8X to 2X (with 2X close-up attachment lens)
Data imprinting: Possible when using ringlight flash; reproduction ratios (1/11X to 2X) can be recorded in lower right hand corner of the film; non-data shooting also possible by leaving DATA button in "off" position.
Focusing lamp: 12V lamp at front of lens provided to facilitate focusing in dim light; glows for 16sec. after finger is taken off LAMP button; automatically stops glowing when ring light fires or power source is turned off
Power source: AC Power Unit LA-2 or DC Battery Pack LD-2 (optional) (required when using built-in Ringlight flash); Weight: 890g (lens only)
Dimensions: 98mm dia. x 150mm long (overall); 142mm extension from lens flange
Attachment lens size: 49mm front screw-in; 2X close-up attachment lenses provided; Front lens cap: Slip-on

Lens case: Leatherette compartment case which houses lens, accessories, and one power pack is available
Lens hood: None
Usable Teleconverter(s): None